Changho Suh – Talks

‘‘AI and fairness’’

‘‘AI and societal issues’’

‘‘Ethics for self-driving cars’’

‘‘Three AI enablers for future’’

‘‘Three AI enablers for future’’

‘‘Fair machine learning via information theory’’

  • Tutorial at CSCIT, Aug. 2021

  • Slides: 1, 2, 3; notes: 1, 2, 3

‘‘Fair machine learning’’

‘‘Fair machine learning’’

‘‘Five tips for a good talk’’

‘‘Case study of AI projects at Hyundai Motors’’

  • Invited talk at Hyundai Motors, July 2021

‘‘9-year teaching at KAIST’’

  • LINKGENESIS Best Teacher Award Lecture, KAIST, May 2021 (youtube, slides)

‘‘Three stories from my high school life’’

  • Inspirational talk at Hansung Science High School, May 2021 (slides)

‘‘Qualitative evaluation of faculty’’

‘‘Three stories from my freshman's life’

  • Inspirational talk at KAIST, Nov. 2020 (youtube)

‘‘SECDED and multi-bit ECC for DRAM’’

  • SK Hynix, Oct. 2020

‘‘Machine learning with small data’’

  • LG Display AI Workshop, Oct. 2020

‘‘AI fundamentals and curriculums’’

‘‘Machine learning and deep learning’’

  • 18-day lectures for Hyundai Motor Machine Learning Course, Feb/Mar 2021

  • 10-day lectures for Hyundai Motor Machine Learning Course, Dec 2020

  • 10-day lectures for Hyundai Motor Machine Learning Course, Oct 2020

  • Two-day lectures for Seongnam-KAIST Machine Learning Course, Aug 2020

  • AI camp for middle/high school teachers, July 2020

  • Two-day lectures for Seongnam-KAIST Machine Learning Course, May 2020

  • A special lecture for freshman students at KAIST, Dec. 2019

  • Three-day lectures for SK-Hynix Machine Learning Course, June/July 2019

‘‘FR-Train: Fair and robust training via information theory,’’ SPCOM, July 2020

‘‘Fundamental limits and efficient algorithms for machine learning’’

  • University of Minnesota (ECE Department Seminar), Mar. 2020

‘‘A fair classifier using mutual information,’’ ITA, Feb. 2020

“Self-supervision for robustness and interpretability”

  • US AF-Army-Navy Research Workshop, Nov. 2019

“CNNs and RNNs”

  • Two-day lectures for Samsung Machine Learning Course, Sep. 2019

“Learn to identify dangerous vehicles using a computer game”

  • NUS (ECE Department Seminars), June 2019

“Matrix completion with graph side information”

“Search engine for medical images,” Samsung Medical Center, Mar. 2019

“Interpretable collision avoidance systems for autonomous driving,” Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD), Feb. 2019

“Match prediction from group-wise comparisons,” ITA, Feb. 2019

“Binary rating estimation with graph side information,” Allerton, Oct. 2018

“Ranking from group-wise comparisons,” ITA, Feb. 2018

“Recommender system for education,” Naver, May 2017

“Subspace clustering via hypergraph community recovery,” ITA, Feb. 2017

“High-dimensional codes for distributed computing,” Shannon Workshop, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Dec. 2016

“Active top-K ranking from noisy comparisons,” Allerton, Sep. 2016

“Top-K ranking: An information-theoretic perspective”

  • ITCOM workshop, Aug. 2016

  • Simons institute, June 2016

  • Information Theory Workshop, Oct. 2015

“Real-time search engine: Top-K ranking approach,” Samsung, June 2016

“Adversarial top-K ranking,” ITA, Feb. 2016

“Finding order in a disordered world: Real-time retrieval of vital items,” Bell Labs (Bell Labs Prize competition), Dec. 2015

“Efficient top-K ranking”

  • Princeton University (EE Departmental Seminars), Sep. 2015

  • NUS (ECE Department Seminars), Apr. 2015

“Fundamental limits of top-K ranking,” ITA, Feb. 2015

“Downlink interference alignment,” Samsung, Sep. 2014

“Information theory of matrix completion,” ITA, Feb. 2014

“Coding for distributed storage,” Institute for Infocomm Research, Feb. 2014

“Fundamental limits of cellular networks”

  • Joint Conference on Communications and Information, Apr. 2014

  • Institute for Infocomm Research, Feb. 2014

  • LG, Sep. 2013

  • Samsung, Nov. 2012

“Interactive function computation”

  • ITA, Feb. 2013

  • Korean Institute of Communication and Information Sciences (KICS) Workshop, Feb. 2013

“Computation in multicast networks”

  • Rutgers University (ECE Colloquium), Oct. 2012

  • Coding and Information Theory Workshop, Oct. 2012

“Two-way interference channels,” ITA, Feb. 2012

“Role of feedback in networks”

  • MIT (Special Seminar), Oct. 2011

  • UIUC (Communications Seminar), Sep. 2011

  • KAIST (Special Seminar), Mar. 2011

  • ITA (Graduation Day), Feb. 2011

  • USC (Communications-Networks-Systems Seminar), Jan. 2011

  • Stanford University (ISL Colloquium), Sep. 2009

  • UC-Berkeley (Networking-Communications-DSP Seminar), Sep. 2009