Changho Suh – Evaluation Scores & Review Quotes



term code title # of students evaluation score recognition
Spring 2023 HSS415 KAIST Life Academy 12 NA
Fall 2022 HSS415 KAIST Life Academy 33 NA
Spring 2022 HSS090 Exciting College Life 28 NA
Spring 2022 HSS415 KAIST Life Academy 40 NA
Fall 2021 EE424 Introduction to Optimization 107 4.76 Department Teaching Award, Department TA Award (Moonseok Choi)
Fall 2021 HSS091 Exciting College Life 31 NA
Fall 2021 HSS415 KAIST Life Academy 17 NA
Spring 2021 EE210 Probability and Introductory Random Processes 123 4.76
Spring 2021 EE485 My Life and Career in EE I 195 4.63
Fall 2020 EE424 Introduction to Optimization 102 4.79 Department Teaching Award
Fall 2020 EE485 My Life and Career in EE II 250 4.62
Spring 2020 EE321 Communication Engineering 54 4.88 Department Teaching Award, Department TA Award (Minguen Kang)
Fall 2019 EE623 Information Theory 53 4.86 Google Education Grant, Department TA Award (Jaewoong Cho)
Spring 2019 EE523 Convex Optimization 84 4.63 Department Teaching Award
Fall 2018 EE623 Information Theory 48 4.64
Spring 2017 EE326 Introduction to Information Theory and Coding 17 4.61
Fall 2016 EE623 Information Theory 33 4.59
Spring 2016 EE326 Introduction to Information Theory and Coding 25 4.58
Fall 2015 EE623 Information Theory 30 4.28
Spring 2015 EE321 Communication Engineering 65 4.60
Fall 2014 EE623 Information Theory 40 4.66
Spring 2014 EE321 Communication Engineering 86 4.50
Fall 2013 EE623 Information Theory 40 4.51
Spring 2013 EE321 Communication Engineering 86 4.58
Fall 2012 EE623 Information Theory 38 4.69 Department Teaching Award
Spring 2012 6.262 (MIT) Discrete Stochastic Processes 40 NA
Fall 2009 EE20N (Berkeley) Signals and Systems 260 4.50 Outstanding Graduate Instructor Award

EE424: Introduction to Optimization (Fall 2021)

Evaluation score: 4.76/5.0; # of registered students: 107

‘‘Great lecture’’

‘‘The instructors were really friendly and it was great!’’

‘‘The professor lectures very well. Thanks to you, I had a really good class. Thank you, Professor!’’

‘‘it was perfect’’

‘‘I realized the existence of genealogy only a long time later, but it seems to have become a class that I could not take without genealogy because of the test and assignments that follow the genealogy as it is, and the difficulty of solving without the genealogy.’’

‘‘Thank you to the professor for organizing the class and conducting it with passion. Previously, I had taken the Communication Engineering and Probability and Basic Probability courses from Professor Changho Suh, but there was a difficulty because the difficulty of this EE424 task seemed to be relatively high compared to the previous subjects.’’

‘‘I think it's a good class to learn the overall concept of optimization theory. The lecture materials and classes are really structured. If you follow the assignments and tests well, you will be able to understand the overall content. I really like the fact that the purpose of the lesson is to understand the students.’’

‘‘The participation method, i.e., typing quickly in the Zoom chat, is very counterproductive. Because of it, attending the class becomes just chasing after the lecturer rather than contributing new ideas or asking more deeply into the material. If the next offering of the course continues to have this kind of 'participation’, please do not count the participation into the final grade at all. While the lecturer is good at explaining his ideas, most of his reasonings are very long and specific and don't acommodate creativity and internalisation from students. When I read the lecture notes, I don't feel like exploring a new topic; I feel like a professor myself, listening to my student's ideas and not seeing the forest for the trees. Please delete the unnecessary derivations from your lecture notes and add the real interesting insights.’’

‘‘Arguably, he gives the most perfect lectures in school.’’

‘‘One of the best courses I have taken at KAIST. Personally, the assignments were way too hard. I struggled for days every week completing the assignments. And I think that to be able to do midterm, one just has to copy the main ideas from the slides. Comprehension is not that necessary.’’

‘‘The class was the most systematic and logical among the classes I took at KAIST. In class, I was like, 'Why are you doing this? What would happen in this case?’ Whenever I had a question, I was surprised to hear that he explained it right away a few pages later. In addition to this, when I visited with questions, thank you so much for being so kind and kind to me not only about my studies but also about my future direction!!’’

‘‘The professor is very passionate and he teaches us well. I really appreciate that. However, since this is a math course, it would be much better if there were recitation classes for practice problems. That would aid the learning process very well.’’

‘‘This course is very well organised. There are CN, LS(before and after versions) and recorded videos, plus a very neat solutions. No wonder how much effort professor and TAs have put on the materials. It was quite challenging on being exposed to new topics, but thanks to the lectures and course materials, I can at last fully understand what we learn. The exams are designed to check whether the student understand well or not. On the other hand, the problem sets are more challenging and focus on the application and usage.’’

‘‘Thank you for a semester!’’

‘‘Thanks to the professor's lecture, I learned a lot. thank you.’’

‘‘Unlike most of the optimization classes, the fact that not only theory but also examples in the actual field could be looked at through the class was a great motivation for studying this subject. However, it is a pity that the PS and midterm exam questions were almost the same as last year (this is what I learned after the midterm exam).’’

‘‘Thank you for a great class throughout the semester!’’

‘‘I took Prof. Changho Suh's class last semester, but I don't know if I will be able to take such systematic and satisfactory classes in other classes in the future while taking classes until this semester. Professor Changho Suh uploads the class materials he has prepared in advance to KLMS a few days before class so that students can preview and study each class. You did. I've seen a lot of classes that simply explain the theories one after another and give only conclusions, but there have been quite a few times where I couldn't solve my curiosity about what logic and for what reason these methodologies were used, and why the conclusions about them were like this. However, Professor Changho Suh solved the frustration of this part very quickly, and he really worked hard to lead meticulously so that I could understand well without any blank space between concepts. Both last semester and this semester, Professor Changho Suh's class assistants communicated really quickly, and unlike the assistants in subjects who seemed to ignore some undergraduates, I could feel that they respect the undergraduates a lot, and they were very kind. A big thank you to all the teaching assistants including Choi Moon-seok, who was also the assistant principal in the last class! The only disappointing thing is that the number of class days was reduced and the progress was slow due to the holidays due to the Chuseok holiday and academic interviews.’’

‘‘thank you!’’

‘‘It was one of the best lectures I've ever taken in the 8th semester. It was an honor to be able to take such a wonderful lecture before graduation. thank you.’’

EE210: Probability and Introductory Random Processes (Spring 2021)

Evaluation score: 4.76/5.0; # of registered students: 123

‘‘Thank you to the professor for guiding us well in advance about the schedule of assignments and exams. Also, the recorded lectures can be viewed on YouTube, which was a great help in studying. Also, it was very nice to teach with passion.’’

‘‘All was good, but one of the teaching assistants who graded the assignment was somewhat insensitive to the objection to the grading, so it was very late for the situation to be resolved, and the situation in the future is also worrying. I would appreciate it if you could consider it a little more sincerely. Other than that it was a really good class. Thank you!’’

‘‘The class was very helpful and I think you explained it in a way that was easy to understand.’’

‘‘lecture is good.’’

‘‘Best lecture, best professor, best TAs, and best course materials. Cannot ask for more. I was expecting the class to be boring since the topic is very mathematical, but this was literally the best course I've ever had in my school life. The lecture felt like a YouTube live broadcast despite being held early in the morning, and the TAs (especially TA Moonseok Choi) were always ready to help. Thank you for all your efforts this semester!! I am very grateful to have the chance to take your course in my KAIST life.’’

‘‘Thank you.’’

‘‘The link between probability statistics and electronics was both interesting and informative.’’

‘‘Thank you for uploading lecture notes again and uploading lectures on YouTube, so you can watch it many times, which has helped me a lot in learning. Thank you.’’

‘‘Thank you, Professor, for a great class during the semester!’’

‘‘Overall, it was nice to be able to connect the odds in high school and college and learn how to use them. And all the teaching assistants were kind and I was able to enjoy the class. Thank you!’’

‘‘Professor explains the lecture very well. He doesn't only focus on the main content but he provides background knowledge to students and gradually moves toward the goal.’’

‘‘It is definitely not an overstatement to say this course is the best I have ever taken in KAIST. It's like Professor Suh really knows how students understand and misunderstand the contents, and he figures out how to teach effectively from that view. The class was always fantastic and you would never have wasted time. The problem sets are also well designed so that students can reflect and expand their understanding based on what they have learned during the lecture times. Being an excellent researcher and an inspiring teacher, you have become my perfect role model if I ever decide to pursue a career in academia. By the way, I should also express my gratitude to the diligent TAs. From grades to recordings, everything always come on time. Thank you head TA Moonseok for your time and effort to answer all of my questions even when they are even not fit in the scope of the class. Your explanations are helpful and sometimes inspire me to explore new topics. Everyone should know it's always an awesome class when it's taught by Professor Suh :)’’

‘‘In fact, the main job of a professor's job is to teach as well as lecture, but I thought that additional research in my field of study was the main focus. That's why I didn't think of teaching ability as a very important factor compared to elementary and high school classes, where pedagogy must be completed. However, taking this lecture by Professor Suh Changho made me think again about the professors’ teaching ability. He was very impressed with the passionate teaching method that puts student understanding first, and the way he creates files for students directly without requiring textbooks. The lecture contents would have been very difficult to understand if it were not for such an enthusiastic professor, but now that the semester is over, I think I have been able to acquire a lot of knowledge. If there is an opportunity to choose Professor Suh Changho's lecture in another subject, I will think positively.’’

‘‘Thanks for the great class!’’

‘‘The professor's teaching skills are very good. The good thing is that you can check the concept through various problem sets.’’

EE485: Special Topics in EE: My Life and Career in EE I (Spring 2021)

Evaluation score: 4.63/5.0; # of registered students: 195

‘‘The course structure was good. I think I was able to solve a lot of questions about my career path. The professors and assistants worked hard. You have worked hard throughout the semester. Thank you.’’

‘‘Thank you, TA.’’

‘‘It was very good because it was filled with rich content in a non-face-to-face situation.’’

‘‘Actually a very good class. Our class TA is trying really hard to make the class fun. However, it was still awkward, possibly due to the age gap between the class members. It might have been better if I can be put in the same class with people from my batch so I can know them more, despite having to take the course in Korean. Anyway, thank you for this semester, professor and TA!! I had a great time :)’’

‘‘It was a good class in that it helped me to understand electronic engineering in general and gave me time to think about my career path.’’

‘‘Thank you.’’

‘‘The myEE time is not a burden, and it is a good time to attend comfortably and listen to the lessons learned and valuable experiences of the professors and other students. It would be great if you could do this now!! Electronics professors and assistants are the best!!’’

‘‘Nice fun class to know about EE scopes and more.’’

‘‘Thank you!’’

EE424: Introduction to Optimization (Fall 2020)

Evaluation score: 4.79/5.0; # of registered students: 102

‘‘I have often felt that my homework was excessively out of scope. It would have been nice if you had attached related theories or presented a question that was more in line with the class.

‘‘If someone asks me what is the definition of a perfect class, I'll take him right away to the department office, transfer him to EE department, and take Professor Changho Suh's Introduction to Optimization class. An accurate and adequate amount of assignments and test ranges, English proficiency comparable to that of a native speaker, beautiful 'massaging the equations’, and a well-structured and well-planned composition of homework and lecture content. I think it was a class without any flaws. In particular, if KAIST had a 'Lecture Delivery Power Contest’, the entire representative of College of Engineering must be Professor Changho Suh. In this semester, I was lucky (with the exception of the three rooms wet with tears), so I only listened to good lectures that were reputable, like Professor Sang-il Eom's Introduction to Graph Theory, and it was good enough to rank among the best. Thank you!!’’

‘‘The assignment was difficult, but there was a lot to get. There seems to be too much content in Part 2. I would like to reduce the number of class hours allocated to Part 3 and increase the number of hours corresponding to Part 2.’’

‘‘Thank you for the good lecture. It is a systematic lecture even though there is no textbook. Also, it was good that PS was composed of problems that could help understand/supplement the lecture. Students can do this personally, but if you save the ppt as LS13_SDPrelacation instead of LS13, it would be better for review. Thank you for preparing a good lecture during the semester.’’

‘‘Great course lectures and course notes. Unfortunately, sometimes I was sleeping during the classes, but it was because I was usually exhausted during the semester after 4:30 am class. The lectures themselves were amazing. Assignments are useful, exams are also nice.’’

‘‘The professor was very good at class and the assistants worked so hard and tidy. Thank you so much.’’

‘‘Classes with excellent teaching delivery skills are counted on three fingers after admission. You seem to have the skill to easily explain the difficult content to the professor.’’

‘‘I am so lucky to be instructed by you. The course was organized as if it was art. The thing that I liked the most was that the recorded videos were uploaded in YouTube. Hope to be instructed by you again in future courses before I graduate.’’

‘‘Too much homework.’’


‘‘Thanks to Professor for recording all the lectures, that helped me to understand subject much better. Homeworks are hard, but very efficient as I learn a lot of details while doing them. Additionally it is amazing how the midterm exam was orginized. Everything was from what we have passed and guide was prepared. Most professors explain about Earth but ask about Space in exams. Just BRAVO. it is the best course I have ever taken.’’

‘‘The content of the class was very good, and it is really cool to ask questions in reverse to help students understand. I hope there are more classes like this.’’

‘‘Among the lectures I've ever heard at KAIST, it's the most well-organized, and the professor's teaching skills seem to be really great. It was really good that the lecture materials were very organically connected, and that today's learning goals and flows were divided within one class. (It was really helpful to upload the video on YouTube to review the video, but I was really surprised to see you uploaded the YouTube video according to the flow of this content.) And the professor's teaching power is really very good. They are well understood, they constantly ask students questions, and get answers via chat. Even though it was a non-face-to-face class conducted by zoom, it was a class that felt that other students were listening carefully. Thanks to the professor, the subjects of the class were very interesting, and it was a class that gave me a lot of motivation for my study. It was nice to be able to think about various things through PS (problem set) and have various thoughts. The high connection between PS and the content of the class seems to have helped a lot in studying this subject. We will upload materials so that there are no additional textbooks needed at the beginning of the class, but please upload all the materials that you announced before and after class. The lecture material, the structure, and the professor were really perfect.’’

‘‘It was nice to have kindly explained the same content in several ways. There were a lot of materials such as LS, CN, and class videos, so I had no problem studying what I missed during class by myself. I also encouraged students to participate in class, so I think I participated more than in-person lectures. Everything was good except for the separating hyperplane theorem proof assignment. It seems that it was a difficult task to start for a student who did not take her analysis.’’

‘‘Thank you so much for giving a good lecture. It is by far the best of the classes I attended at KAIST.’’

‘‘The course is great, one of the best in EE department I think. Only one recommendation, it would be good to have homework explanation sessions for difficult homeworks, I think after midterm some of them were really difficult, the solution is not enough.’’

‘‘One of the best lectures I've experienced in KAIST. The professor prepares the lectures carefully and delivers it passionately to the students. Homeworks are also extremely well-put and helps students in understanding the key concepts. 11/10 will take this course again!’’

EE485: Special Topics in EE: My Life and Career in EE II (Fall 2020)

Evaluation score: 4.62/5.0; # of registered students: 250

‘‘Thank you, TA Sangeun Han.’’

‘‘The main problem is Korean. Although we have English translator, our participation has been limited. However, it seems to be a general problem for every foreigner in KAIST which will be improved gradually later on.’’

‘‘I think it was a bit disappointing to take the class when I was not face-to-face.’’

‘‘It was difficult to keep up with school classes, so I went to the military and listened to it, and it really helped me a lot! It was especially great to be able to learn how to deal with life. Thank you!’’

‘‘The assistant does not properly announce and does not do anything to do. I don't think I will ever be able to entrust you with teaching assistants.’’

‘‘It was regrettable that there was an online limitation. Nevertheless, it was good because there were many useful lectures.’’

‘‘Thank you.’’

‘‘Myeongbulheojeon MyEE. I was able to resolve some of my worries about my career path. Thank you for your hard work during the semester.’’

‘‘I think it is a really meaningful class for students. It offerred a lot of useful contents such as career concerns and future attitudes to students who have chosen EE as a major.’’

‘‘It was nice to be able to listen to several lectures even though they were online lectures. I was worried about my career path, but it seems that I have a little space in my mind. Thank you  ’’

‘‘Class notice…? It's the fault of someone who didn't check, but it would be nice to remind you!’’

‘‘You worked hard for one semester. Thank you!’’

‘‘Thank you.’’

‘‘It was nice to be able to get to know friends around me in the large department. Unfortunately, it wasn't her face because I couldn't see her in person, but she wasn't close, so it became awkward. It was better to know about the teaching assistants and professors.’’

‘‘It's unfortunate that it's non-face-to-face, but it seems like it went well with fun. The assistant in charge of the division also worked hard to conduct the class.’’

‘‘It was a lecture content that met the needs of electronic students. Thank you so much for planning the lecture with care for the students!! :) However, in the case of non-face-to-face classes, it seems that it is not effective to hold a zoom meeting for each group and do social activities (self-introduction). I thought it would be nice to deal with other content on the spot.’’

‘‘Thank you.’’

‘‘Thanks for the great experience.’’

‘‘good class’’

‘‘Good lecture’’

‘‘I only heard about three labs, but the video is being recorded, so I asked if I could see a recorded copy of another lab's explanation. And I haven't received a reply yet.’’

‘‘Although I'm a high school student, I think that listening to MyEE helped me a lot in my career setting! Although non-face-to-face, thank you to all the professors and assistants who worked hard :)’’

‘‘Some lectures are in Korean only.’’

‘‘Thank you so much for the semester, Professor!’’

‘‘It was a semester where I was thinking a lot about my future career, but through the lectures of my seniors in the second half, I think I was able to make some career choices. Thank you for preparing quality content despite the online semester.’’

‘‘Next time, I would like you to give me a lunch box or something to eat.’’

‘‘Compared to face-to-face classes, the benefits are significantly less. And I decided to pick up the goods by courier, but it doesn't come in more than a month…’’

EE321: Communication Engineering (Spring 2020)

Evaluation score: 4.88/5.0; # of registered students: 54

‘‘This is a very clear lecture I could understand most among all the classes that I have taken at KAIST. Professor Changho Suh's lectures are so good.’’

‘‘I think it was a satisfactory lecture because the teaching materials are very neatly organized, and explanations in lectures are very clear. Thank you.’’

‘‘Thank you for a good lecture!’’

‘‘It was a really informative lecture.’’

‘‘You've made great efforts during the semester!’’

‘‘Even though it may be his first online lecture, he prepared and taught as thoroughly as if he expected an online platform. This is the most satisfactory online course this semester. The class itself was also good. It was great not just to follow a textbook, but to learn what the professor thinks is important. It's counted one of the top three courses in KAIST.’’

‘‘It was my first class in the field of communication, but this was the most fun, as guided with a step-by-step well-organized lecture. And it was great to upload recordings of lectures so that I could repeatedly check unclear parts during the exam period. However, I thought that it would be okay to upload the non-edit version of recordings, since it plays almost the same role as the edited version. Thank you for a great class!’’

‘‘It was great that the professor was good at explaining.’’

‘‘Thank you, Professor Changho Suh! I would like to see you again in another class given a chance.’’

‘‘The class was organized systematically, so I could follow the materials, being greatly motivated. Also, the class was of great passion. I think it was a great lecture.’’

‘‘The lecture was really fun! The contents were interesting, and above all, the professor gave me a clear explanation, so I could listen to the lecture with great interest :) The recordings of lectures were also uploaded. In addition to Lecture Slides, there was a course note, so it was really good for review..! It was my personal favorite lecture :) Thank you for giving a good lecture during the semester.’’

‘‘Thank you for a good lecture.’’

‘‘This is the best and most memorable class among all the classes that I have taken for the past four years. Actually, it wasn't the subject I wanted to major in, so I started taking this lecture with a slight interest. As a lecture progresses, this field becomes of great interest to me. His great lecture seems to have played the biggest role. I think this is the first online lecture to him, but given a quality of his lecture, I started wondering how much it could be better in a classic face-to-face lecture environment. I will definitely take his another class offered next semester: Introduction to Optimization, although it was not of my prior interest. I think it is the perfect quality in all aspects, the quality of the assignments, the efforts for communication by the professor, and the teaching ability. Thank you for one semester.’’

‘‘It is the best lecture that I could understand most clearly among all the classes in EE. The description, materials, assistant's scoring, systemicity, etc. were all perfect. You have made great efforts during the semester!! Thank you!!’’

EE623: Information Theory (Fall 2019)

Evaluation score: 4.86/5.0; # of registered students: 53

‘‘I was happy that the professor made great efforts to prepare lectures. This is one of the best courses that I have enjoyed among all the courses taken at KAIST. In particular, the contents regarding Pytorch were of great help to me, and this is very unusual relative to other graduate courses.’’

‘‘The course was quite satisfactory and I have worked very hard to follow the course. However, many of the prior midterm problems appeared again, and this was harm to non-EE students who have limited access to the prior exams.’’

‘‘This is the best course that I have taken among all the courses taken at KAIST. Thank you.’’

‘‘I had difficult times due to heavy load on homeworks, but I was happy about his great lectures.’’

‘‘Thanks for great lectures   ’’

‘‘The systematic organization of the course contents were of great help. I do appreciate your great efforts.’’

‘‘The course contents are well balanced to include mathematical backgrounds, recent algorithms & their implementation, and interesting problem sets. As a PhD student, this is the best course that I have enjoyed among all the courses taken during the past 9 years at KAIST. While I was not that good at homework and midterm, I was deeply impressed by the crucial concepts on information theory covered in the course. One thing that I felt weird is: why the fairness algorithm was dealt in the course. It is indeed a new application of information theory, but it was not clear enough about the intimate connection to information theory. I do appreciate your great lectures.’’

EE523: Convex Optimization (Spring 2019)

Evaluation score: 4.63/5.0; # of registered students: 94

‘‘The course that has a widening array of applications was very well delivered, so it was of great help.’’

‘‘The course was very systematic, so it was very easy to follow.’’

‘‘I would like to attend his another course on Information Theory.’’

‘‘In the beginning, the homework problems were very helpful to grasp the contents covered in the lectures. However, in the latter part, homework problems were just difficult, not well harmonized with the course contents.’’

‘‘I was lucky that I could learn about convex optimization from Prof. Suh. One thing I was disappointed was that the course notes include many typos, perhaps because this was newly designed. I strongly believe that the course notes would improve significantly in the future. Prof. Suh's teaching was very easy to grasp, and he covered every details, so it was of great help (although many of the details were dealt in homework instead). Homework problems were difficult though, perhaps because they include every details in proofs. Thanks for your efforts.’’

‘‘He was so good at explaining, and the contents were also of great help, although I thought they could be improved further with practical hands-on applications re. convex optimization together with implementation issues. The course was very well organized and i got to learn a lot from this course.’’

‘‘The best course on convex optimization.’’

‘‘I could feel that the professor made great efforts in developing course contents as well as in delivering the contents, but there was also a pity. What I liked: 1. Provide strong motivation for each of new concepts introduced 2. Give a lecture overview at the beginning of each class (this was of great help to figure out what we are currently doing) 3. A systematic organization of the entire lectures 4. It was a pity to convey contents sometimes too much energetically: often surrounding knowledges were dealt too much seriously. 1. Each lecture contains a single topic, so sometimes I felt the lecture loose and often times, some of the details in the proof were deferred to homework. 2. PS has been focused on the proof of lemmas rather than reviewing the contents of the class. 3. Midterm exams were too long ? there was a fairness issue especially to students who had to go out first 4. The proof that was already dealt in homework appear in the midterm with a large portion.’’

‘‘First of all, I would like to thank Professor Changho Suh for his eagerness in preparing the lecture. I was impressed by the professor who thoroughly checked everything from lecture materials to homework and gave feedback. Also, I think I can't forget about memorizing almost all. I would like to mention a few things that are unfortunate. 1 Necessity of GAN: I am in need of GAN explanation in the optimization class. If you look at the Wasserstein GAN concept, I think that it contains the contents of what the professor has been teaching well, but I honestly don't really know what you learned in designing the GAN will help. The original topic, optimization itself, is also known as a vast field that is difficult to deal with in one semester. I would not have been really impressed unless I introduced GAN more intensively from the optimization point of view, as the professor said that I prefer practical things. I think I have read a lot of GAN papers, but I think I haven't met many of those papers from an optimization perspective. Rather, I'm thinking of wanting to meet more deeply about traditional optimization. 2 Excessive proofs. Although there is a lot of homework, it was a good opportunity for myself to get the concept again while doing my homework. So I have no complaints about having a lot of homework. Just professor. I was a little hard because most of my homework is proof. I wondered how it would be more abundant to see examples that can actually apply Optimization. As well as good examples such as X-ray stories and firewood examples, more optimization techniques are being dealt with in various fields such as actual logistics optimization, etc. I wanted to do more experience in designing and solving such stories by myself. Not only that, but I'm not sure if my lack of skill required understanding of that proof. I myself hate to memorize the theory without knowing the proof itself, but I wondered if it was the optimization I expected to develop only the proof throughout the homework and class. I think it would be better to write simplex from the bottom of the code level. It is a study that can be done by myself, but I want to reflect the optimization in my research right now, but I am not sure which model is suitable. I think it would be interesting to solve specific examples such as matrix completion, principal component analysis, or Lasso (sparse learning) in relation to low rank optimization. Thank you for reading my insufficient thoughts. I complained only about complaints and complaints, but in fact, I think I took the best class to take the first step toward optimization. I enjoyed the class for one semester. Thank you.’’

‘‘Thank you so much for preparing a good lecture! During the semester, I learned a lot from my professor intellectually and mentally!’’

‘‘Class note. It was so good. I have to keep it.’’

‘‘It was really nice not only to convey the contents, but also to take a deeper look into where ideas came from and why these formulas come out. It was easy to understand by dealing with the development of this field and the accompanying mathematical knowledge. I have a deeper understanding of the ongoing research and the direction that many scholars in this field are trying to develop. I think it's not a hard class, it's a great class that lets you learn and learn something. It was the best class to inspire deep curiosity in this field and ignite a passion for research.’’

‘‘The professor prepared the class with great enthusiasm. Very organized, well prepared and well done. He said that he didn't have time to do research due to the thorough preparation for the class, and we didn't have time to do homework though. I hope it will be improved for Assistant Hwang Kyung-jo to read the mail fairly late / not to give an answer!’’

‘‘The class was very fruitful and good. He taught this course for the first time, so he made a few mistakes, but it was a good class to understand convex optimization very well. Thank you   !!’’

‘‘He was fluent in English, so it helped me understand the content of the class.’’

‘‘It was the best class ever in KAIST.’’

‘‘There are many tasks and most of the contents focus on the relevant proofs. I understand that there is a lot to learn through the certification process, and in particular, it is necessary to prove the contents of LS and LP, which are most frequently used in the previous part, but it is necessary to prove the contents of SOCP, SDP, and Strong Duality in the latter part. I wonder if it is necessary. The importance of the parts and especially the duality, which is the basis of the algorithm to solve the optimization problem, is also very important, but most of them focus on the general understanding and use of optimization except for the lab specializing in optimization. Considering this, it seems good to add understanding, implementation, or problem solving for numerical algorithms that are actually used in many fields based on these theoretical contents. In summary, the content of the theoretical lecture is very satisfactory, but the task is very burdensome, and there seems to be a lack of bridges to bridge theory and practice.’’

‘‘Thank you for your kind explanation and lecture notes. Thank you.’’

‘‘The homework question was far from what was learned in class, and the quantity was somewhat large.’’

‘‘TAs seem to be grading very strictly on specific proof issues. It would be better if TA lowers the scoring standard a little. It seems that the specific proof of the task is very difficult. It would be nice if TA could give a little more hints. Thank you.’’

‘‘Thank you for the great lecture.’’

‘‘It was the most understandable and accessible lecture I've ever taken so far. Thank you very much.’’

‘‘The course that I want to take again.’’

‘‘It was great to help the students not get lost by repeating the course contents. This course let me have a good understanding about covex problem also the matrix problem,students encouraged to actively take part in the lectures.’’

‘‘I think the professor's teaching ability and teaching method are very satisfactory and that is the professor's strength. However, what was unfortunate in this lecture was that, despite the fact that the name of the class was a convex optimization technique, the content of machine learning was mainly from the final exam. Of course, machine learning is a very hot topic, and it's true that knowing about it will help with future research. However, I wanted to know more formal content, or more deeply about convex optimization, but I was not able to do so. In addition, the frequency of homework is too high and the number of problems is too high for each homework. I rather wondered if I could handle about half of my homework in class. Thank you during the semester.’’

‘‘I think it's okay to include more contents in class and to speed up. The explanation of the background of what I was learning was interesting. But I think it's better to get rid of this and teach other theories. The lecture was perfect. However, i felt the instructor guides students too much and too strongly into the directions that instructor wants students to go. In other words, there is no creativity and diversity for students to think about the subjects. Also, too much homework and workload was given. Similarly, homework and exam are made for students just to follow instructors’ guide without thinking about the various ways to apply what they have learned. Instructor's guide is well made and good for basic steps but various ways to achieve the goal should be guaranteed at the same time. At least, other ways than the instructor suggests are not restricted.’’

‘‘The quality of the lectures, such as lecture materials, contents, and presentations, is high and the students are taught to make understanding as easy as possible. It was very helpful to teach the students not only the class time, but also the philosophy of working on research as well as the content of lectures during the break. I would like the professor to open another lecture.’’

‘‘It was really the best lecture. First, I wanted to learn convex optimization, but it was very effective for studying because it was configured properly and the lecture delivery ability was very good. Homework was difficult because there were many problems with proof, but considering the amount of time the professor invested in the lecture, there was nothing to say. Thank you so much for allowing me to learn practical and non-superficial knowledge in the lecture. In addition, many other classes also converge toward learning as they go to the second half, but it was frustrating every time because they only informed them superficially and didn't tell us the theory or principle in them. As a follow-up class, I feel that there are a lot of things to study besides Bayesian running, em optimization, etc. I would be grateful if you let me know if there are any lectures planned by the professor in the future. In other words, as an extension of this class, we would recommend a class or material that seems to be useful for your research! Also, it would be more interesting if you let me know what kind of research you are doing in your lab. Thank you!’’

EE623: Information Theory (Fall 2018)

Evaluation score: 4.64/5.0; # of registered students: 48

‘‘I was grateful that the professor always delivered a passionate lecture.’’

‘‘It was a great lecture. The detail and passionate part was good. However, even when I introduced very simple contents in the beginning, the details seemed to fall a little. On the other hand, I often didn't like TAs’ grading policies.’’

‘‘In the beginning, he did not cover lectures re. KL Divergence and Mutual Information, but I was embarrassed to have to solve relevant problems only in the homewors. One of the best classes I've ever had. I mean it! I even started to be jealous that the professor Suh is not my academic adviser =) The positive aspect that the professor spent so much effort to design the class structure. I really admire that all class notes include everything that was covered on lectures. During the office hours professor Suh was always glad to help me understand something that I didn't get! I've never met before someone who is so devoted to his class. Each lecture was like a little holiday to me. It is really inspiring when you see someone like professor Suh giving a lecture. Also, he knows all material by hart and do not use any cheat sheets. One possible improvement is to spend a bit more time on polar codes. Also, maybe to include discussions on how all material covered in one part is related. I mean, discuss a bit more an overall picture after each part.’’

‘‘Thank you’’

‘‘The class was really good. Even during the office hour, it was very well operated and the feedback was very good. I think it was a very useful class because you can learn difficult contents from the basics. Most of the homework was basic proofs, but there were many things that were obtained by proving what you didn't know, but it took a lot of time because of the small amount of homework.’’

‘‘When I was undergraduate, I really enjoyed Professor Suh's lecture in communication engineering, and that's why I was thrilled to have his lecture during my master's course. Below, I wrote down the reason why I liked the lecture. First of all, it was great to explain the concepts that I have not missed or learned in the classes I have taken. For example, 1. MAP has been quite familiar to me since I came across undergraduate communications engineering, but I haven't known why MAP can function as an estimator. I also tried to find out how the MAP estimator can be used, but I just said it was self-evident and couldn't find any more information. For that reason, it can be used because MAP = optimal decision rule, and it was good to show the process one by one from the total probability rule. 2. I was so happy that I could learn the proof process. I said that the proof must start with the definition unconditionally. I am ashamed that there was more than I proved during the second semester than I had until the second year of my master's. I knew I was lacking that point, but I wasn't able to take mathematics classes properly on the excuse of being busy. I always had a lot of thoughts on how to start, but I'm going to study more with this class. Next, the composition of lectures and course notes is very effective for learning. As you learn detailed concepts, it is easy to miss the big flow, but by mentioning the outline and overview each time, you could not lose your direction. In particular, course notes are sometimes written in colloquiality, making them highly readable and effective for re-memoring concepts missed during lectures. The English language expression of the materials provided by the professor is so diverse that I learned many good phrases. Lastly, because my professor tried to communicate as much and as easily as possible through lectures, I and many other friends around me were able to study. Especially in the case of me, I had never studied properly before taking his class, but after taking his class, I became interested in engineering for the first time, and I think it was the chance to go to graduate school. Therefore, I wish many students like me to take a professor's lecture and gain motivation and interest in research or study. Thank you so much for one semester =) I appreciate the professors effort in delivering the course effectively. However, I think the professor has a tendency to explain even the most trivial facts! This makes the explanations long-winded and tiresome and can shadow the most important concepts of the course. After all, every student has a limited supply of attention (!) which can devote to the course material… I think it's best not to waste this supply. Thanks and good luck.’’

‘‘It was a great class that I could learn a lot from.’’

‘‘Thank you.’’

‘‘I was able to enter a new field.’’

EE326: Introduction to Information Theory and Coding (Spring 2017)

Evaluation score: 4.61/5.0; # of registered students: 17

‘‘It was really fun. Thank you for one semester.’’

‘‘This is the best lecture. I could become naturally interested in the course contents.’’

‘‘The professor did a good job in preparing the class and gave a lecture very well. Although it was clearly difficult, the professor kindly explained it and helped me understand the contents.^^’’

‘‘I hope there were a clear policy re. homework. It was the homework that had to be solved practically, but I think there is a clear difference between the effort and education effect that is put into Cheating or Unsupervised Collaboration vs. personal deep thinking and teaching assistant use.’’

‘‘It was too difficult and the word was fast, so there was a limit to understanding.’’

‘‘The professor enthusiastically teaches the class and tries to make students well understand.’’

‘‘It was great that the professor had a systematic class and the class materials were well organized. Also, it seems that it was less difficult because it was easier to study after grasping the flow of difficult content by explaining the background of these and other theories in class or assignments.’’

EE623: Information Theory (Fall 2016)

Evaluation score: 4.59/5.0; # of registered students: 33

‘‘The lecture itself seems to be the best in EE. It seems that it was not difficult to follow what was missed in class because the professor made clear explanations and considers students’ understanding to make ppt well. It was a pity that there were some parts of the exam or homework that were a bit ambiguous. It seems that you are creating your own problem. For example, the problem that asked to describe 3 properties of KL divergence on PS2 cannot be solved unless you are a person who memorizes the problem on PS2, and rather it is not one or two of the characteristics of KL divergence. It would have been better if I had asked you to characterize and prove it. The lecture was good, but it seems to be a pity that the course itself was too dependent on the contents of the class, so it was impossible to solve various problems in which information theory was applied.’’

‘‘I am very satisfied with the content and method of the professor's lecture.’’

‘‘There were frequent errors and typos in homework. I wasted a lot of time in solving the wrong problem.’’

‘‘Overall, the lectures were well structured, and I think it would be nice if homework grading was done faster. Professor Suh is very responsible for the teacher's studying. And his tag ‘Gooooooood’ place a very big positive impact on me (each tune when I hear this word, I can not stand smile), which is one kind of positive energy and I like this tag, like this lecture and like the professor even though this lesson is difficult to learn. Professor also highly recommends that we should combined what we learn in class and creative fields, like community detection and DNA sequences. The teaching style of this kind interest me a lot. The patience of address problems for students is also good quality. All these please keep. Thank you so very much!’’

EE326: Introduction to Information Theory and Coding (Spring 2016)

Evaluation score: 4.58/5.0; # of registered students: 24

‘‘I learned a lot. Thank you.’’

‘‘I will graduate next year, and the most understandable and logically explaining professor among all the majors courses I have taken is Professor Changho Suh.’’

‘‘It was a pity that the scope covered in the class was narrow.’’

‘‘I was really impressed by his way of teaching from students’ perspectives.’’

‘‘Going to the second half of the lecture, I guess I wasn't hitting. I thought I could learn more, but it was not the case.’’

EE623: Information Theory (Fall 2015)

Evaluation score: 4.28/5.0; # of registered students: 30

‘‘When you gave the assignment, you could improve the understanding of the class to learn by giving the content related to the next class to learn. And during the class, students were encouraged to participate in the class.’’

‘‘It was a fun and informative lecture because the class contents were easy to understand and the flow of understanding was well understood.’’

‘‘The professor runs the class in a very interactive manner, and explains the contents very well. The more you need a steady review, and the deeper your understanding of probability and statistics, the more helpful you will be in taking lectures.’’

‘‘The exam schedule has been well organized to prevent any overlap with other classes.’’

‘‘You are well prepared for the lecture so that the flow of the lecture is very smooth.’’

‘‘He is great at helping students to understand and follow the lecture.’’

EE321: Communication Engineering (Spring 2015)

Evaluation score: 4.60/5.0; # of registered students: 65

‘‘A great lecture.’’

‘‘It was a good class. The content is difficult, but it seems to have been easier to understand thanks to his great efforts.’’

‘‘Needless to say, it is the best class. I would like to recommend it to all the students in EE.’’

‘‘It was the best lecture I've ever taken in my entire life. The lecture materials and his unique way of explanation were very good. Thank you very much during the semester.’’

‘‘Very good. I recommend it.’’

‘‘I hope you can upload Course Note more quickly.’’

‘‘This is the best class. The class content is excellent, and the professor's explanation is clear, so I can naturally concentrate. Thank you.’’

‘‘I felt that there was a little amount of homework. He said that the due is enough, but he didn't feel like he had time to listen to the related contents and understand and solve the problem. Participation was reflected in the score at a higher rate than I thought, and the policy for evaluating that I participated in the class was mainly to answer simple questions. I think it is hard. I think it would be better to check attendance.’’

‘‘It doesn't matter if you have a lot of homework, but I hope that the no-brainer problems appear less. In particular, drawing a transition diagram of a finite state machine with 16 states on the PS06 was far from understanding the content and it took too much time and effort to draw. The students, as well as the assistants who score dozens of such complex paintings, will be very troubled.’’

EE623: Information Theory (Fall 2014)

Evaluation score: 4.66/5.0; # of registered students: 40

‘‘Thank you for a good lecture.’’

‘‘No comment.’’

‘‘The class was well prepared and helped to understand it, but the gap between what I learned in the class and homework and tests seems to be large for me. Everything else was good.’’

‘‘Thank you.’’

‘‘It was very good. Thank you.’’

‘‘This is a great lecture and we learned a lot in the lecture.’’

‘‘If you have basic probability and communication backgrounds, you would have no problem in the course, and it is the best lecture to give an intuition behind the key concepts that arise in information theory. It was confirmed that the assignments were also properly selected to improve students’ skills. It was a great lecture because TAs also thoroughly supported them.’’

‘‘It seems that the participation in the class may seem poor due to the compulsory use of English in presentations or questions …. It's a concept or something you don't know, but it's not easy to explain it in English.’’

‘‘It was a great lecture.’’

‘‘I want the lecture notes to be uploaded a little faster.’’

EE321: Communication Engineering (Spring 2013)

Evaluation score: 4.58/5.0; # of registered students: 86

‘‘At the beginning of the semester, it was really good to tell me how to go out in general and explain connection between lectures all the time! It was a very satisfying class among the classes I took at KAIST. -statistics and signals & systems is a strongly recommended prerequisite -different approach towards commmunication systems than most textbooks -very intuitive and insightful.’’

‘‘The professor taught me so well, and the TAs are so kind that I think I get the most out of the classes I have taken so far !! There was a lot of work to do, but the lessons were fun, so I could work harder !! Thank you   ’’

‘‘The professor is really good at teaching. The understanding was so good that everyone thought what to do if they scored the test, but the test was a little difficult. It was a great class to understand the contents of communication engineering.’’

‘‘The class was very good. Thank you during the semester.’’

‘‘You seem to be doing very well in teaching. Thank you for a good class during the semester.’’

‘‘The professor is really good at teaching … It was a very helpful lecture in terms of studying new fields that I had never learned before.’’

‘‘He is so good at teaching!! Awesome!! Please continue to offer great lectures in the future!’’

‘‘It was really systematic and it was a little difficult because it seemed that the homework was getting too much in the second half.’’

‘‘The class with the professor ppt is very good. However, it was difficult to solve the problem, but I still wanted to study more about communication.’’

‘‘The professor has been preparing the class really seriously, and the quality of the class is really good.’’

‘‘I really liked the professor's class, and it was so good that the assistants were more friendly than anyone else. It was the class that made me interested in the communication field. Thank you.’’

‘‘I think this course would be remembered as one of the best lectures. Thank you very much for your professor's class, and thank you very much for your teaching assistants.’’

‘‘Overall, it was a satisfactory lecture.’’

‘‘I was embarrassed because my homework suddenly increased after the midterm exam. It would have been better if there were 3 after 3 before the midterm.’’

‘‘It is very helpful to understand the contents by preparing various and rich instructional materials well and explaining them well.’’

‘‘It was really fun. There was a lot to learn and there was a flow in the lecture content, so I think it was better to understand. Professor-chan!’’

‘‘The professor teaches me well, but homework and exams are too difficult compared to what I learn in class … ’’

‘‘Professor's explanation ? it is wonderful! Course Notes are very clean. Thank you for one semester.’’

‘‘Prof. Changho Suh, thank you for giving a passionate lecture that awakens your interest in communication during the semester. What was unfortunate was that the assistants tended to give a bit of homework problems, but I was satisfied.’’

‘‘It was the best lecture I had ever heard in KAIST. The content of the class is difficult, but the professor gave me a good explanation so I could understand it all during the lecture. The participation rate of students was also high, so they were able to take classes in a focused atmosphere.’’

‘‘This is a subject that inspires students’ interest and makes them want to study more.’’

‘‘It was a little difficult to figure out the big picture because there was no textbook. Could not figure out anything until we see the next lecture's contents. It was a bit difficult, but I think it was a very good lecture overall.’’

‘‘You can learn a lot by explaining it with a systematic system. However, there were times when homework was more difficult than I thought, so it was difficult.’’

EE623: Information Theory (Fall 2012)

Evaluation score: 4.69/5.0; # of registered students: 38

‘The professor taught me with great enthusiasm and pointed out the difficulties and unknowns while studying the information theory field, and the parts that can be overlooked. His English was also very easy to understand. It was the best course that I have taken in my entire life.’’

‘‘Thanks to the professor's passionate lectures, I was able to learn difficult subjects interestingly. I was also very impressed by the professor's statement that I wanted to go through the process of defining and exploring the problem. The bodywork of the class wasn't easy, so it seemed more fun and meaningful. Thank you.’’

‘‘I am very grateful for the professor's passionate instruction, and I was able to learn a lot from the professor who always wanted to tell me a little more. It was a really informative class. Thank you.’’

‘‘Homework is helpful in understanding the overall content of information theory, but due to frequent homework, there is not enough time to devote to other subjects. If the cycle or quantity of homework is improved, it will be a better lecture.’’

‘‘No comment.’’

‘‘Enthusiastic courses and teaching methods were all good.’’

‘‘You are the best.’’

‘‘The lecture was very well prepared and he seemed to have taught me very well. However, it seems that the homework was a little heavier than other courses. Also, it would have been nice if I had a longer test time.’’

6.262 (@MIT): Discrete Stochastic Processes (Spring 2012)

Evaluation score: NA; # of registered students: 40

EE20N (@UC Berkeley): Signals and Systems (Fall 2009)

Evaluation score: 4.50/5.0; # of registered students: 260

‘Very animated TA - great at explaining!’’

‘‘He is legit. Knows materially literally perfectly. He never missed up. He makes everything seem simple cause he's so good at it. He also teaches things very systematically. Thus making material seem simple for me as well. He's too good.’’

‘‘Changho is one of my best GSI's that I have ever had. He's great or reaching and covering material. He is interesting to listen to and very helpful in making sure that you understand it. Changho is a great GSI!’’

‘‘Overall, a decent TA.’’

‘‘Was a good TA but due to large lab was usually busy.’’

‘‘Very helpful, especially when you are stuck.’’

‘‘Changho is a very helpful TA. His discussion sections always help me with the material and give me a deeper understanding of the material. He gives good examples, but sometimes I feel like other students have trouble understanding him through his accent. He also repeatedly emphasizes material almost to a fault, and sometimes does not give enough time for the class to think.’’

‘‘Motivate to help students.’’

‘‘Does not have a good rapport w/ students. Fails to recognize when class is having difficulty.’’

‘‘Explains the concept very detail, very helpful.’’

‘‘Nice, helpful GSI. Thanks!. Paid attention to when we needed help in lab.’’

‘‘He's a badass.’’

‘‘Very enthusiastic, helpful; reaches at to students come stayed have hour past lab ended to thoroughly explain material.’’

‘‘He was very good at explaining labs, but takes at uploading grades.’’

‘‘Changho is a very smart and nice person and he helps me a lot in the lab.’’

‘‘knowlegable. Awesome ta.’’